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I dunno... more blah blah?

2007-08-20 21:46:34 by InfallibleSquirrel

kinda bored... last blog got just 1 response and that was from the lizard. Its probably safe to assume hes the only person who read it too.

Nothing really exciting to talk about except for the fact that i attacked my bedroom door. Flying kick and ripped the screws out of the wall so the door was hanging on one hinge :D
Dad went mental as can be expected.

Later that day i went out into town and burned some stuff in the park. put the burning stuff in the bin and set the bin on fire :D

All in the name on fun really.

Results out on thursday. If theyre good ill post a blog about it but if not im gonna seal my lips :D
either way im planning on drinking a lot on thursday ^_^


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2007-08-21 07:42:56

my handie hurts :(

InfallibleSquirrel responds:

i love unnecessary suffixesies :D


2007-08-21 17:14:57

You're lucky some people jump around blogs.

like me. =P

InfallibleSquirrel responds:

lol. That what I did but then my friend started dragging me around town and suddenly I had a social life... dont really know what to do with it lol.


2010-06-17 02:45:38

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