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My new computer!

2008-01-07 18:07:10 by InfallibleSquirrel

Is not so new anymore. its about a month old by now but nobody is gonna lynch me or anything......

I built it myself. I'll comment on the components i used and whatnot.

SO! lets get technical.

took me ages to sort out the hard drive but apart from that no problems. Also it comes with on board overclocking features which i have been warned against using. I havnt tried them yet because i dont need to overclock my computer. As far as the wiring goes its a little confusing but it WAS my first time building a computer, veterans will have no problem and probably wont need this review thing im doing. A problem might be that if your CPU fan is too big it might (does for me) block 2 of the 4 RAM slots on the motherboard.
Graphics card
Here we have the all powerful, godly graphics card that is the XFX 8800 GT alpha dog XXX edition. The specs are all in the link. This thing took 30 seconds to set up and i can run crysis on very high settings on 1440 x 900 res. with NO lag! Would reccomend this fucker to anybody. Also, from novatech, it comes with Company of Heroes, which is a fantastic RTS that i havnt really had the time to play yet. Played it for an hour and if i didnt have 100 other games to play id still be on it.
Sound card i couldnt really say if this is any good. you could use the onboard one and not be able to tell much difference and since i have not taken the time to compare it to any other sound cards... I just bought it cos i like the name to be honest.
RAM This is a pack of 2 x 1Gb OCZ RAM cards. Easy to install and come with platinum heatspreaders so they dont overheat. They do the job better than my brothers PC world computer with 4 gigs of RAM so i recommend these.
Processor This is a dual core intel processor. each core is 2.66Ghz but can be and has been overclocked to 5Ghz per core! thats 10 Ghz of processor! Highly recommended.
case A nice little case with no PSU. Not too expensive and has 2 onboard USB slots. Looks nice too.
Harddrive This is a good hard drive. hasnt failed me yet. Big and not too expensive. If you can find the heavy duty version of it like i did, that is goood. I dropped mine down the stairs and its working fine.
PSU This is cheap and powerful... thats about all you need.
CPU fan This fan is a loud basterd. Its very good and comes with a speed remote. I lost the cable for the speed remote so it doesnt work and my fan is stuck on fastest speed. Which is why it is so loud. On low it is very quiet and because of the LED's it gives an awesome blue glow.
Moniter Just novatech's basic flatscreen moniter. Very nice. Tucks away the wires quite neatly and is 16:10 aspect ratio.
Keyboard The logitech G15 keyboard. Recommended to me by my good friend Stuffy. this thing is incredible. the keys press down with satisfying noise and feel if you know what i mean :D (nothing dirty, get over it). The screen is very useful. There isnt yet a patch for tf2 unfortunately but for example in timeshift it shows your health and energy on the screen. Aside from that it has a clock/calander, a POP3 email display, a performance moniter and a media display. It has 6 programmable buttons with 3 modes for each button and you can program them separately for individual games. I sound like an advertiser but it is freaking great.
Mouse The microsoft sidewinder gaming mouse. This has an uber sensetive scroll wheel which is awesome in games where you use it a lot. It has 3 sensetivity settings where you change the DPI between 2000, 800 and 400. It has programmable buttons and a macro recorder. Not to mention a screen and changeable weights. Its got everything you dont need! Which is exactly why i love it.

Final overview of my computer.
roughly £1000
It crashes a little because of some driver error >_> but thats my fault. (IRQL drivers less not equal, if you know hat this is let me know please :S)
I can run Team fortress 2 (valves most demanding game ever) of full specs inc. anti alaising x16. Crysis on very high settings for textures and all that with no problems, but no anti aliasing. I outperform my brothers computer (£1000 Pc world with better specs) and i outperform my friends laptop (Dell XPS)
This was basically me showing off my uber computer. :D Yey me


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2008-01-08 04:55:13

why hello there

InfallibleSquirrel responds:

hello wyatt. heard lots aboot you from stuffy :D


2008-01-08 20:58:31


InfallibleSquirrel responds:

that was interesting... BAN


2008-01-08 21:12:53


InfallibleSquirrel responds: