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Hmm... contemplative?

2008-01-10 15:19:58 by InfallibleSquirrel

Just a quicky, my last 2 posts didnt go down very well... not surprising, they were a bit long winded and boring.

The one thing on the planet that confuses me more than anything else is trying to figure out how my own mind works.
I sat down in a good mood and decided to figure out what the hell it is that drives me in my everyday actions... and my less everyday actions.
Well i got into it and confused the shit out of myself with infinite possiblities for why my head is so fucked and i ended up curled up in the feotal (fetul? w/e) on the floor clutching my head trying not to scream.... the long and short of this story is I wouldnt reccomend it.


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2008-01-12 13:24:16

i tried that before........went crazy and killed someone

InfallibleSquirrel responds:

yknow... i can see that happening with you. AIDs cannoned to death... poor basterd.